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For most people it can take up to seven attempts to leave an unhealthy relationship. By the time we have made that final decision to separate we are usually so psychologically and emotionally exhausted and disconnected that we may no longer be wanting to hurt ourselves or our partners whilst navigating the difficult process of separation and dividing belongings.

Ending a relationship, partnership or marriage with grace, dignity and respect is an important process to consider. After a separation things need to be finalised, decisons need to be made to move forward and we offer a solution where we act as an independent supporter to both parties who would both like to engage in a respectful separation outcome.

Our role is not as a legal representative, child protection or rearing matter, to give advice or favour one individual over another. We are there to encourage and support healthy ways at looking at the situation and suggesting collaborative ways and strategies that may lead to an amicable and speedy outcome.

Where a relationship has disintegrated beyond communication we may also work between the two parties at their request to be part of a respectful separation.

Aims of respectful separation - 

  • Focus on psychological & emotional well-being
  • To prevent further harm
  • To create solution focussed, workable solutions to respectfully separate
  • To remain neutral, independent and to maintain high integrity
  • To encourage an outcome in a timely and effective manner
  • To create closure where a stalemate has holted separation
  • To act as a go between


We are not for -

  • Ongoing therapy and support
  • Legal or court advice or child protection or rearing matters
  • Situations of stonewalling and inflexibility by either party
  • Power imbalance
  • Telling people what they should or should not do


This is a fee based service with fees negated after consideration of any hardship situation.

What could we achieve together?

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Information Publications -

  • https://www.relationships.org.au/relationship-advice/publications/