16 Personalities Test

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ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

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Affective Deprivation Disorder

Affective Deprivation Disorder -



Wikipedia - Alexithymia -

Alexithymia: Building Relationships Out of Nothing -


Alexithymia - Normative Male (Female)

The Man Who Couldn't Feel -


Alexithymia Online Test

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Alexithymia in Autism

Alexithymia, Empathy and Autism -



Why Some People Are More Altruistic Than Others -


Attachment (childhood)

Wikipedia - Attachment in Children -

Childhood Attachment -



Attachment (Adults)

Adult Attachment Styles -

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Attachment (Relationships)

Attachment Panic, or Why You Can’t “Just Chill Out” -



Left vs Right -


Being vs Doing

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Childhood Developmental Trauma

Maltreatment and the developing mind pdf download -

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Christians Against Poverty - 1300 227 000

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Wikipedia - Dissociation -


Father and Son

The Psychology Behind Strained Father Son Relationships -



Interoception - Getting to Know Your 6th Sense -

Alexithymia: a general deficit of interoception -

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Mirror Neurons

Wikipedia - Mirror Neurons -



Wikipedia - Parentification -
When Kids Have to Act Like Parents, It Affects Them for Life -

Parent-Child Role-Confusion -


Psychological resilience

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Relational Value

Relational Value -


Social Referencing

Social Referencing -


Stockholm Syndrome

What is the Stockholm Syndrome and why Child Abuse Survivors should know about it -

Can DV Survivors Adopt Stockholm Syndrome?



How to Overcome The 6 Most Toxic Employee Behaviors -



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