Breathing Exercises


Diaphragmatic Breathing

One of the easiest ways to calm and control your emotions.

Place one hand on your chest (whichever hand feels most comfortable) and the other on your stomach. Relax your shoulders and push your stomach out as you breathe in for three seconds.
Hold your breath and count to three again before breathing out slowly to the count of six.

Do this two or three times and it may help you feel more in control of your emotions.


Conscious Breathing Exercise

What if we could consciously strengthen our minds?

We are all so used to distractions and having to do things in the outer world that our minds have become conditioned by these actions. Our inner world becomes so neglected.

As we do this exercise you may find that your mind will take you away with thoughts etc. We get pulled away and this is what minds do. Be kind on yourself and allow your mind to gently refocus back onto this task. The more you can do this, the stronger your mind will become. For starters it may only take a couple of minutes a day or you can gradually work towards the suggested optimum level of 12 mins a day.

Sitting, standing or laying down, find a suitable location that will give you distraction free time to do this task. Be creative with it and make it to suit you.

Step 1

  • Send your visual attention outwards towards the middle of the room for approx 5 secs
  • Send your visual attention outwards towards the far distant wall for approx 5 secs
  • Send your visual attention outwards back to the middle of the room for approx 5 secs
  • Set your visual attention to a book reading distance

Notice you can determine where attention goes.

Step 2

  • Focus attention on the sensations of air coming in and out of your nostrils. Letting it fill awareness as you breath in and out.
  • Focus  attention from the nostrils down to the level of the chest. Let the rising and falling of the sensations of the chest fill awareness.
  • Focus attention from the chest  down to the stomach. Let the moving in and out of the sensations of the stomach fill awareness.

Use all or any one of these locations that feels right for you.

Step 3

  • As we ride the wave of the breath in and out, notice distractions in your mind. A worry, a dream, a concern, memory or any kind of mental activity. Thank the mind for showing you and with kindness refocus back to the sensations of the breath.

It is not about how much you get distracted, it is not about getting rid of thoughts and feelings. It's about allowing the thoughts and feelings to be there as we refocus our attention back to the present moment. That’s the part we are wanting to strengthen in our minds.


Calming Exercises



 Exercise 1

Place the right hand under the left armpit on the side of the heart. and the other on the outside of the shoulder. Notice the feeling and the sensations inside your body. The heart pumping at your right hand and the outer extremes of your body on the left. Sit with this and notice that our body may settle. This exercise helps us to become aware of our body as a container of all of our sensations and our feelings.



Exercise2Exercise 2

The next exercise is placing one hand on your forehead and the other on your chest. You can do this with eyes open or closed. Just feel what goes on between the two hands. Some people may feel an energy flow or a change in temperature or feelings. Stay with it until you feel some kind of a shift.



Exercise3Exercise 3

Placing one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Notice any changes or shifts between the hands.