Supportive Listeners - Cooktown QLD
Important - If you or someone you know are currently in an emergency crisis situation or in immediate danger would you promise me you will phone: Emergency- 000; Lifeline- 13 11 14 or QLD mental health access line MH CALL (1300 64 22 55) as we are not a replacement for existing services. If you are in a non-emergency situation but desperately need to phone or chat to someone we suggest calling Lifeline as they have a large referral database to connect you to the best service and are available 24 / 7. The services that we provide are booked in advance for a mutually agreed time and location. Supportive Listeners is a private business with a primary focus on providing free face to face non-counselling conversations as a community service with no expectation for reward or outcome. We do not accept third party requests. If you are phoning about a third party then our focus is on how you are dealing with their situation and what you can do to honour another persons choice to seek help.

blockService Face to Face Conversations - (non-counselling)


These conversations are a highly respectful casual conversation with an experienced professional listener who is not there to give advice, blame, shame or judge you. They are about listening to what's going on for you with genuine concern and interest for your current situation.


Conversations can be about -

  • Day to day life issues
  • Concerns for suicide or safety
  • Domestic & family violence
  • Concerns for self or other
  • Nearing end of life conversation
  • A sounding board / confidant


Sometimes our thoughts and feelings can be so overwhelming that we limit our ability to work rationally through our problems. Talking about your concerns to an authentic, trusting person is a good place to start when we are trying to make sense of things. To explore options and possibilities with someone who genuinely wants to understand. Maybe you just want to 'check in' or 'chew the fat', before making an important decision in life.


We are not engaged as your therapist or counsellor.


In this face to face conversation (non-counselling) role we are not about ongoing support or engaged as your therapist or counsellor. The aim of a conversation is to listen and treat people with respect and dignity wherever possible, to encourage people towards self-efficacy (self-empowerment), to seek professional help, to re-establish their existing networks, to explore healthier choices and to guide people towards creating their own safety plan where there are concerns for safety or suicide.


Altruism - to authentically give to others without any expectation of outcome or reward for self.


We offer our face to face free conversation free as a community service using an altruistic model of helping (to authentically give to others without any expectation of outcome or reward for self). We respectfully do not encourage ongoing conversations and supports unless they are part of a plan we co-create with you during a session. Client's must self-refer (make contact with us themselves) as we cannot take third party requests. Under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.


Conversation Locations

Conversations are casual and are generally held at Public Locations -

  • Cafe / Restaurant
  • Park / Marina
  • Walking
  • Hospital or Aged Care Centres (with permission)
  • Your preferred public location

(Cooktown QLD area)

Private locations may be considered where a guardian, carer or third party is in attendance. By prior mutual arrangement.


Conversation Times

Our face to face conversations - (non-counselling) can be around 30 to 40 minutes in duration. Where there are deep concerns raised we may invite you to spend more time with us or an agreement to follow up over the next few days or support to get to professionals.


If you would like to make a booking we invite you to call Jeff on 0490772480





About Supportive Listening


"When it comes to Supportive listening it does not just include a cognitive aspect but also requires that - "the support listener demonstrate emotional involvement and attunement while attending to, interpreting, and responding to the emotions of the support seeker—a complex and challenging task." (Susanne M. Jones (2011) read full abstract from authors site)"

A Supportive Listening conversation may include some of these natural helping qualities -

  • Encouraging a person's self-efficacy (support seekers belief in their own ability to achieve goals)
  • Opportunity to talk without pressure or judgement
  • Active listening
  • Compassion Empathy
  • Addressing and acknowledging concerns
  • Discussing coping strategies
  • Referral to professional services or social supports
  • Reconnecting support seeker back to existing services
  • Collaborating safety plans where there maybe concerns for harm, domestic violence or suicide
  • An invitation to return to talk


Supportive Listening is not therapy or counselling or doing anything in particular other then being authentically present with another person.




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